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Tag Archives: Cannabis studies


I sure I am not the only one that thought once cannabis was legal in Canada that it would be easy peezy lemon squeezy for scientists to get their hands on cannabis for research purposes, but according to CTV article this is not the case! Hundreds of academics across the country are waiting on a […]

Some progress happening with new CBD studies all across the globe…

Check out this database this is really interesting and many of these studies are recruiting for participants as well. According to a federal database of accredited clinical trials worldwide, there are about 150 trials in progress that are testing Cannabidiol (CBD) as a treatment for a wide variety of health conditions, including autism, alcoholism, […]

Cannabis Research from 1974 Demonstrated Cancer Killing Potential

Suppressed cannabis research from 1970s proved cannabis  killed cancer cells.Unfortunately for the DEA and the war on drugs, the researchers came upon some interesting results with their lab rats. They discovered that cancer cells were getting destroyed, not healthy cells. The immune systems were enhanced, not impeded. Well, that was the end of that research. […]