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Tag Archives: cannabis regulations

Roadside Drug Testing Device Picks up False Positives…

Excerpt from the Article … A Vancouver lawyer says her suspicions about the new Drager DrugTest 5000 roadside testing device have been confirmed after her law firm ran two days of testing that turned up false positives.The saliva-screening device was approved by the federal government ahead of cannabis legalization last October to be used by […]

Don’t tax our medicine!

After three decades as a first responder, retired police officer Vincent Lefaive relies on cannabis to treat the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Lefaive speaks on behalf of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, a national non-profit group redoubling its call for the federal government to remove all taxes from medical marijuana. CFAMM argues […]

As government-operated stores struggle, dispensaries step up…

According to CBC Article “Cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd said patients can’t rely on federally licensed cannabis producers because they aren’t producing enough. (Martin Trainor/CBC) “As a result, patients are left without access to their medicine, and recreational users … are purchasing and consuming all the recreational cannabis.”Lloyd said medical dispensaries are an act of necessarily […]


CANNABIS SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN MADE ILLEGAL … “The laws prohibiting it were based on racism and ignorance, and maintained with government sponsored campaigns of misinformation, propaganda and intimidation … We cite fact and science to advance our cause, not mythology and lies.” Quote source — The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness by […]

Legalization… or Just another Form of Regulation?

“I am afraid that legalization in Canada may be just another form of regulation… they want to take the marijuana out of the hands of the criminals but pot farmers are not criminals… they have been criminalized by a corrup injustice system. Pot farmers are more like Saviors then criminals! Quote Source ~ Chef Derek […]

Cigarettes Infinitely Worse than Cannabis!

Smoking contributes to more than 37,000 deaths a year in Canada, Cannabis has not been directly linked to any deaths! Current research suggests that the health risks of cannabis use are significantly less than compared to tobacco. “In terms of public health, there is no justification for criminalizing marijuana when you can buy cigarettes at […]