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CBD CannaPal

(9 customer reviews)


max. potency
14 mg/ml – THC 0.5 mg/ml

Pricing: 60 mL/$60 (Retail)

This product may offer (but is not limited to) the following health benefits:

  • Skin allergies
  • Hot spots
  • Healing after surgery (pain management)
  • Daily supplement for older pets to help reduce inflammation
  • Possible preventative measure and treatment for cancer, dementia and arthritis


Save $60 = 1 FREE Bottle

Order 5 and pay only for 4




Due to the current lack of legislation regarding animals and cannabis products, we unfortunately may have to temporarily remove CBD CannaPal from the list of products we are offering. 
The good news is, that our Canna-Oil TritateUp is exactly the same as CBD CannaPal. Therefore, you can continue purchasing this product instead of CBD CannaPal and use it at your own discretion.
To support our Cause and ‘Help Us Help You’ in the fight to make these beneficial products available in the future, please fill out the short form following this link:

CannaPal CBD oil is designed to help keep our furry pals healthy! This high CBD oil has been known to help with the reduction of inflammation in older dogs and cats. This in itself reduces pain and improves the comfort level in your pet. It is being used for treatment of cancer in canines with some success found and can be used as a preventative measure for cancer, dementia and inflammation as your pet ages.

max. potency CBD 14 mg/ml – THC 0.5 mg/ml  (very clean and therapeutic)

Therefore, our 60 ml CBD Canna-Pal bottle contains: CBD 840 mg and THC 30 mg


Please Note:
There is limited documented research or information on using cannabis products on canines and felines, however, as of late it’s being used more frequently and recommended by a few veterinarians for treatment options.

As we are using living plant matter for our whole plant medicine, there can be a variation in regards to color, odor or consistency in each batch. This is not affecting the quality of our products which is consistent.

Additional information

Weight0.126 kg
Dimensions12 × 4 × 4 cm

1 x 60 mL, 1 case of 24

9 reviews for CBD CannaPal

  1. rebecca (verified owner)

    Using this for my little 11 year old dachshund. He has started having joint pain and this is helping him run around pain free

    • Monicka

      That is wonderful 🙂

  2. mdarlenesteingard

    Started using this oil to help our dog 1 year old with seizures. I am wondering how long it will take for it to work. But I am very hopeful on a natural product for him. Thank you for offering it. I will submit another post once I know how it goes. I will mention that he had a seizure last night and we gave him some and it stops the seizure in its tracts. Could be coincidental…not sure. Hoping not.

    • Monicka

      We have other fur baby lovers who are experiencing positive effects from Canna Pal concerning seizures… I encourage you to join our TNR Support Group lots of very knowledgeable fur baby lovers regarding pet health, CBD pet nutrition etc…
      Here is the direct link to join
      Have an awesome day!

  3. jackbirdy_2016 (verified owner)

    Not even a yr ago I lost my 13yr husky to cancer, she was on meds from the vet. What I seen her go threw I swore I would never give any of my pets pills again!!!! So now my 10yr boxer/mastiff mix has cancer. I decided I’d try oil and give it a shot. This stuff is amazing, he doesn’t pace anymore from being uncomfortable. He will sleep the night and wake up feeling like his old self. I highly recommend this for older pets. I just wish I’d tried it sooner. 5 stars!!!!

  4. Lyn Canale (verified owner)

    My 11 year old mini labradoodle suffered from a stroke 3 years ago and her back end has never fully recovered. She walks with a wobble and doesn’t crouch down to do her business in the same way as before. Also she has become a little arthritic and has been incontinent. All of these issues have minimised completely since I’ve given her this product. It’s great for numerous ailments. I would highly recommend it.

  5. Diane

    Been using this product on my 12yr old Treeing Walker Coonhound for 7 months now. He was in so much pain from his nose and throat tumours that the vet wanted him on steroids giving him a couple months to live. Instead we altered his diet as well as starting using CannaPal. We followed the instructions to a tee, and he did sleep a lot the first week of use, but after that he starting trotting around again and playing with the other dogs. I had tried two other CBD oils for dogs prior to this one and I cant believe the difference CannaPal has made in our lives having dog who is pain-free, happy and active again. I also used it in an emergency on my 3yr old Potcake when she was attacked by another dog. She was in so much pain we couldn’t pick her up to take her for stitches. We gave her some CannaPal and waited 20 mins, she had enough relief for us to pick her up to go to the vet. I highly recommend this product.

  6. xx_sweetchild_xx (verified owner)

    I started using this product for my 7 year old Saint Bernard who started having seizures last April. I am happy to say that once we got his dose right he has been seizure free since August last year. The only meds he’s on is the Cana pal. I can’t tell u enough how wonderful your product is. I tell everyone about it as well as supply other pet parents with the relief their fur babies need. Thanks for making this amazing product!!

  7. TL

    We use this for our 2 Jack Russell Terriers ( is there even a more high strung dog?) Its brought our 14 year-old boy back to life. It helps his old bones and he has WAYYY more energy than before. He can now keep up with our 7 year-old JRT. And our young Jack has A LOT of anxiety: and it helps smooth her shaking nervous vibes well. She’s much more chill and calm. Its been a GAME CHANGER in our house.

  8. Sandra (verified owner)

    I have been using the CAnna pal for my seniors. a 16 year old cocker with thyroid illness and a 13 yo shepherd/chow cross. They have “sundowning” ie confused when the sun goes down, the cocker is blind (cataracts) and the shepherd has hip issues. Both dogegies have regular vet appts and the shepher, we acetually took her for laser treatments and cartrophen injections. Then we did the CAnna Pal. oh my, what a difference! Both dogs have very good appetites, and neither of them squeak or have discomfort at all. Thank you!

  9. Bianca

    Can i use this productto increase my picky eater dog’s appetite?

    • (Monicka) Customer Support Manager

      Yes, the CBD Canna Oil Titrate Up can help increase your dogs appetite. If your dog does not like the taste you can mix it in the food to mask the flavour. This will not take away from the effectiveness of the product. If you would like to order the product you do not need to preregister just shop in our store and an account will be created for you as you check out. Please contact our support deparment if you have any further questions or you require assistance at

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