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College Students seem to Prefer Cannabis Over Cigarettes.

Times seem to be changing, as the cannabis movement keeps on rolling over consumers like a tidal wave. It seems as though it is even finding its way onto campus, this article discussed how college students rates in weekend binging and cigarettes are dropping by nearly 30% since legalization. If you are keen on reading […]

Seniors are The fastest growing group of Cannabis users in Canada.

With all the medical uses of cannabis it is not only inspiring to witness elder generations find some relief through natural healing. But could also help pass down natural healing practices in upcoming generations. Hopefully understanding the significance of the medical benefits of medicinal cannabis, can lead to natural medicine playing a bigger role in […]

THC Skin Care.

THC, does have anti-inflammatory properties that could benefit the skin when applied topically, and has shown promise as a potential treatment for conditions such as psoriasis. If you have any interest in the properties of THC and skincare, you can click here for the full article.

Marijuana-Infused Gum for Digestive Pain Relief: Would you chew some?

With edibles recently being legalized it will be interesting to see what other foods and candies they choose to infuse. Changes like this are so rewarding to see, given time hopefully these types of products can lift the industry through new heights. If you would like to read the full article you can click here.

The MLB May Soon Let Players use Medical Marijuana.

With all the injuries athletes sustain over their careers, they too should have the choice to use alternative measure when it comes to how they want to recover during their careers. With compounds like CBD that could impact players beneficially long term after their careers without affecting their reaction times or having any “buzz” effects […]

Innovative technology development for cannabis safety

Paraphrasing from the article below “Some companies are developing technologies for law enforcement agencies in efforts to reduce potential criminal activities that spawn as a result of cannabis use” Companies are working towards developing “innovative technology” Followed by providing this tech to law officials in an attempt to deter the general audience from consuming cannabis […]

Medical Marijuana May Help Lessen Opioid Use and Potential Abuse.

Medicinal Marijuana studies are showing positive benefits, alongside a 29% reduction in opioid overdoses in states with medicinal marijuana recently legalized. Followed with a drastic 44% to 64% reduction in opioid use among chronic pain patients. If this peaks your interest click here.