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caflag Products sold and delivered in CANADA Only!

U.S Cannabis Activists are Fighting to Ensure Animals have Administered Cannabis as an option for Treating Health Conditions.

Though we in Canada are able to administer natural medicine to our pets and loved ones, other parts of the world are still fighting tooth and nail to grasp the natural medicine we all deserve. “This will give veterinarians another tool in their chest in treating animal seizures,” Jason Barker, says that he has been […]

Willie Nelson “I Still Get High!!! … Just Not with Smoke”

Willie Nelson is still Medicated and healthy, all while choosing alternative methods of ingesting cannabis instead of Smoking to achieve a Medicated state. Turning to more infused edible products and vaporizers, he has mentioned that it is likely he will smoke again in the future but for the mean time is making the best choice […]

CBD could Replace High cost Skincare Treatment Solutions.

Word of mouth is spreading quickly that people using CBD and cannabis infused topical products are having wonderful results, users are discarding their costly skincare treatment solutions for a more natural remedy. If you would like to learn more click here to read the full article!

Is Canada Missing out from the lagged Edibles rollout?

Legalization of Cannabis in Canada started on October 2018, this did not include Edibles or Concentrates as these were recently legalized in October of 2019. This article goes into further details on why some LP’s are taking the “wait and see” approach for edibles, where as other companies see this as their opening into the […]

Cannabis Legalization around The Globe, Who is Next?

Being the first Country to legalize the substance, we were pretty quick to accept the new laws and changes,  The other countries around the world who are just as keen to legalize the plant may look into different means to go about legalizing as soon as possible. In this article they go into detail on […]

College Students seem to Prefer Cannabis Over Cigarettes.

Times seem to be changing, as the cannabis movement keeps on rolling over consumers like a tidal wave. It seems as though it is even finding its way onto campus, this article discussed how college students rates in weekend binging and cigarettes are dropping by nearly 30% since legalization. If you are keen on reading […]