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New Client Registration Options

Thank you for your interest to become a new TNR Client

The Natural Remedy, as a 100% Medicinal Cannabis Company, requires a prescription from a doctor or a medical document in order for you to register with us and therefore, to be able to purchase our products.

Please take a moment and choose the registration option that is most suitable for you. Please Click Here to check out the medical document requirements and what Medical Documents are acceptable for TNR.

Once you have your prescription/medical documentation emailed to us and you have been approved, we will supply you with a one time $100.00 Welcome Bonus Coupon* (Limited time offer!) just as a token of our appreciation for doing so and to check out our great products.
*Not applicable in conjunction with other coupons

Thank you,
The Natural Remedy Team

“I have already a Medical Document/Doctor’s Prescription”

This is great! Please email us your document as an attachment (JPG or PDF file) to
Approval takes normally one (1) business day, after which you will be able to start purchasing from us.
Click here to check out the medical document requirements.
Please also Pre-Register with us now by using the button to the right, so that we can process your application faster.

Pre-Register and Email Medical Document

Please choose this option if you have the supporting documentation and will email it to us at 

“I don’t have any medical document at this time but intend to get one from my own Doctor”

Once you have your medical document from your Doctor, please email it to
In the meantime, please Pre-Register with us by using the button to the right, as we can process your document faster when you send it to us. Click here to check out the medical document requirements.

Pre-Registration Only

Please choose this option if you want to obtain your medical document on your own and only want to register with TNR at this time.

“I need help with getting a Doctor’s prescription”

We partnered up with LYTE CLINIC, a company who has their own doctors, and is specialized in helping people like you to obtain such a prescription, FREE of charge (LYTE CLINIC (LCRC) charges a $100.00 fee  for Quebec residents).

Check out more details by clicking the link on the right

Pre-Registration + LYTE CLINIC Application

Click below to find out more detailed information.

The option below is ONLY for already Pre-Registered NEW Clients

“I Pre-registered already but now need help with a Doctor’s prescription”

If you are a new client, who has already pre-registered, and now would like to get help to obtain a doctors prescription, please click on the green button on the right.

LYTE CLINC Application Only

Choose this option if you are already Pre-Registered and need help to acquire the supporting document.