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Medicinal FAQ’s

Welcome to The Natural Remedy Medicinal Cannabis FAQ Page 🙂

We highly recommend consulting with your Health Care Provider before embarking on this journey of wellness. We also encourage you to take ownership of your own health and do your own research as, Knowledge is Power!

Please note: The Natural Remedy Co. does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, treatments or services. The information provided in this website, incl. through linkages to other sites, and/or given in personal conversations, is meant to supplement, not to replace medical or professional care. For full detailed disclaimer click here

Please find below a series of questions and answers based on questions our customers and clients have asked over many years.

How do I get started using Medicinal Cannabis Products from The Natural Remedy?
What Kind of Effect - Do l Have to get High?
What Products Work Best for Sleep Issues?
Will Cannabis Make me Hungrier - Give me the 'Munchies'?
Can Cannabis Help Me Lose Weight?
Can Cannabis Help me Wean off of my Pharmaceutical Pain Meds?
If I use Medicinal Cannabis to treat my Health Condition How Soon will I get Results?
How much (Dosage) THC or CBD do I need to take?
How do I take Cannabis
What Happens if I Take Too Much THC?
I have never used Cannabis before what product should I start with?
What product can I use for my Pet?
What is RSO oil and how to take it?
What Products can I use for Cancer
What is the best application method if you use cannabis to fight various cancers?
What happens if I take medical Cannabis with my pharmaceutical Meds?
What are Terpenes?
What is CBD?
Can you take a fatal overdose of medical cannabis?
What kind of Qualifications do you have for Giving Advice about Medicinal Cannabis?