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caflag Products sold and delivered in CANADA Only!

Impacts of Legalization

Brief overview of:
What implications the legalization of Recreational Marijuana on October 17th has for you as a (potential) TNR Client using Medicinal Cannabis Products.

It is unfortunately a myth that with the legalization of Recreational Marijuana on October 17th  all cannabis products become legal to purchase or to possess.

Many Canadians with serious medical conditions do not respond well to conventional medical treatment and may be helped by cannabis products. In Canada, the possession of cannabis products are legal only for qualified medical patients. Health Canada’s Access to Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) allows patients to legally possess and purchase cannabis from a Licensed Commercial Producer. In order to register under the ACMPR, patients must have support from a medical doctor or nurse practitioner.

Cannabis Oils like CBD Oil for example, are medicinal products and are not part of the “recreational legalization”.

The good news is that it is not that difficult anymore for you as medicinal user of cannabis products to be in compliance with the law (ACMPR).
All you need is a prescription from a doctor/an authorized health practitioner, which allows you to purchase and possess medicinal cannabis products from an LP.

The Natural Remedy as a 100% Medicinal Cannabis Company, requires a prescription from a doctor in order for you to register with us and therefore purchase from us.
If you find it difficult to talk with your own Doctor about it we have a solution we can offer to you.

We partnered up with MCRCI a company, who have their own doctors and is specialized in helping people like you obtain such a prescription. On top of it it’s FREE of charge.

As a token of our appreciation we offer a $40.00 Welcome Bonus Coupon for new clients, just for you getting your medical prescription,
$40.00 Thank You Bonus Coupon for existing clients for keeping your medical prescription up to date, once you have your prescription emailed to us and it was approved.

If you are a new client interested in this service and have NOT Pre-registered with us so far, Click Here to checkout out more information and the option to sign up for this FREE Service.

If you are an existing client and are interested to renew prescription with the help of MCRCI please Click Here for more information and to sign up for this FREE Service.

If you have already a prescription or a letter from a doctor and have not submitted it yet to us, please email this document as attachment  (JPG or PDF) to

Click here to check out the medical document requirements.