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  • Medicinal Cannabis for Sleep Problems...
  • Treating Insomnia with Medicinal Cannabis

Comments (8)

  1. Reply Sharon

    am trying to wean off oxazepam but get only a few hours of sleep. How can I use the oils to help? .How can I use

    1. Reply Monicka

      Hi Sharon I sent a reply to your email,
      All the best,

  2. Reply Tracy

    I am currently trying to wean off zopiclone and it’s hell. I have a Very difficult time getting to sleep (and without zopiclone I don’t GET to sleep), and when I wake in the night I can be up for hours. Can you suggest what I can do, what will help? Thank you

    1. Reply Monicka

      I will email you Tracy…

  3. Reply Crystal Niskasari

    I am writing on behalf of my almost 94 year old Grandma. She has a terrible time sleeping and asked if I could help her the cannabis way. She takes a blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid pill Any contraindications?

    1. Reply Monicka

      Hi Crystal I will email you.

  4. Reply Kevin

    Hi. I gave arthritis in my knees and big toe. Im sore all the time. Don’t want to use Tylenol etc
    I akso have a hard time staying asleep so dont feel refreshed the next day. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Reply Monicka

      Hi Kevin I sent you a long detailed email regarding your inquiry about a product to treat your arthritis and sleep issues…
      Have a great day!

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