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caflag Products sold and delivered in CANADA Only!



  • Cannabis for Gout...
  • Medicinal Cannabis for Arthritis
  • Medicinal Cannabis for Seniors
  • Activating Cannabinoid Receptors Reduced Inflammation & Pain in Osteoarthritis Sufferers
  • What Seniors Should Know about Medicinal Cannabis
  • Medicinal Cannabis for Seniors Health & Well-Being...
  • Medicinal Cannabis Use for Seniors...
  • 97% Of Elderly Patients Say Medical Marijuana Helps Them Feel Better 🙂
  • Medical cannabis prescriptions are increasing dramatically, especially among seniors....

Comments (2)

  1. Reply Anonymous

    What are the ingredients in your products? For example, does it contain THC and what kind: Indica or Sativa? How much and what kind of terpenes? What is the ratio off the THC strain with the CBD? I would like more information please.

    1. Reply Monicka

      We received your inquiry and we will send you an email. We just need a bit more information on which product you are referring to.

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