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caflag Products sold and delivered in CANADA Only!

Clinic Info’s New Clients

You are a new client who needs support to obtain a doctors prescription/ medical documentation to legally purchase and possess medicinal cannabis?

…then you are at the right place.

The Natural Remedy as a 100% Medicinal Cannabis Company, requires a prescription from a doctor/medical documentation in order for you to register with us and therefore purchase from us.

We partnered up with 2 companies (MCRCI + LYTE CLINIC [LCRC]) who have their own doctors and are specialized in helping people like you to obtain such a prescription, FREE of *charge.
Furthermore once you have your prescription/medical documentation emailed to us and were approved, we will supply you with a $40.00 Welcome Bonus Coupon just as a token of our appreciation for doing so and to check out our great products.

Please check out more detailed information about the 2 companies below and choose the most suitable for you.

*LYTE CLINIC (LCRC) charges a $100 fee  for Quebec residents.


($100 fee for Quebec residents)


  • Very fast response and processing times!
  • Choose your Doctors appointment within 24 hours
  • Convenient Doctors consultation via Cell or PC App (OTN service)
  • No need for additional medical information from your physician
  • Great Client Service and Support
  • Service FREE of Charge (Exception: $100 fee for Quebec residents)

Click below to apply and to get more Information


(FREE of charge for Quebec residents)

MCRCI Service Features:

  • MCRCI provides their service also to Quebec residents FREE of charge
  • Total processing time currently 2-3 weeks
  • Information/Documents/Feedback from your physician required
  • Doctors appointment are conducted online
  • Great Client Service and Support
  • Service FREE of Charge

Click below to apply and to get more Information