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Canada’s Proposed Regulations

Learn about the details and have your say on the Canadian Government’s proposed regulations for Cannabis Edibles, Concentrates and Topicals

As many of you are aware, the Canadian Government has finally released an initial proposal for the regulation of cannabis infused edibles, concentrates and topicals.

Here is a link to a summation of the proposals:

You can share your feedback with the Canadian Government here:

While we are pleased that the Canadian Government is shedding light on the forthcoming regulations, there are a few obvious points we strongly suggest are reconsidered and reworked prior to their finalization.

Please do share your thoughts with the Government and help continue to push us towards a sensible legal cannabis landscape in Canada!

*The cutoff to submit feedback is February 20th, 2019*

Cannabis Edibles – Max Dose:

10mg THC per Serving & Package

A maximum of 10mg per serving and one serving per package or container ensures the edibles cannabis market is limited and inefficient leading to:

Unnecessary packaging

Desired dosage being cost prohibitive

Edibles becoming appropriate for novice users and micro-dosers, while alienating medicinal users and those with high tolerance.

Our Suggestion:
Set a serving maximum of 10mg of THC and allow for 20 easily separable and evenly dosed servings per package.

Cannabis Oils – Max Dose:

10mg THC per Serving
1000mg THC per Package

A maximum of 10mg per capsule would limit the capsule and ingestible oils market:

As with edibles, 10mg is a beginner dose and will not satisfy consumers with high tolerance.

Capsules are a medicinal medium for consumers that needs high dosage and should not have as strict limitation as edibles food stuffs.

Our Suggestion:
Keep the 1000mg per package maximum, but raise the ceiling on individual capsules to 50mg per cap.

No Dietary Claims

This increases difficulty for consumers with specific dietary needs when searching for edibles.

Producers should be able to be transparent, responsible, and accountable for the contents of their products, just as in the un-infused food market.

Allow for producers to accurately describe their products in terms such as; Vegan, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Organic, etc. We agree that no unfounded health claims should be allowed on products..

While our suggestions may undermine our current product offerings, we are being realistic in our and hoping our counter-proposals could be a meeting point with the government. We know whatever the finalized legislation states, there is going to be an evolution of regulations with regards to edibles, concentrates and all cannabis derived products.

We all know how safe this plant and its derivatives are; especially when compared with other harmful substances. Ingestion is perhaps the most convenient and health conscious method of Cannabis consumption. By limiting product choices and enforcing restrictive dosage controls on the ingestible Cannabis market, the Government will push consumers away from safer legal options and back into an unregulated “black” market.

Let’s hope that the Government listens to our feedback and we can find a sensible meeting ground with regards to the enforcement of Cannabis derivatives and continue to work towards a reliable and positive future for Cannabis and consumers.