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Why Chemotherapy Patients Should Use Medicinal Cannabis

Why Chemotherapy Patients Should Use Medicinal Cannabis

Those undergoing chemotherapy for whatever reason, be it cancer or Crohn’s or severe arthritis, can gain significant relief if they do nothing more than smoke, vaporize, or eat cannabis prior to their sessions. Because most chemotherapy patients are treating cancer, cannabis delivers the dual advantages of eliminating nausea and vomiting while also fighting cancer cells and reducing the size of tumors.

In addition to successfully alleviating nausea and vomiting and stimulating appetite, cannabis is also effective in helping cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to deal with pain and diarrhea. But probably more important is how it can effectively treat depression and anxiety, two potentially severe conditions that can be a knockout blow to a patient already suffering from the psychological and physical ravages of cancer — not to mention the distress of undergoing chemotherapy. Read full Mass Roots informational article

Also watch… How does medical cannabis help chemotherapy patients and cancer patients get through such tough treatments? See how cannabis and chemotherapy go together read the full article

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