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filler-146473_1280What Our Customers are saying …


Great Service…!

The Natural Remedy staff bent over backwards to make me happy with my order. They did everything they could to ensure my order got to me through the current Canada Post troubles. I spent a little over 100 dollars to get free shipping and it was totally worth it. Plus, I don’t want anything to …Continue Reading

Dolores July 18, 2016

Helped me so much with my Arthritis…

My name is Cecil, for many years I have suffered with Arthritis in my neck, my Dr. prescribed a medication called Celebrex, although Celebrex controlled the pain at the base of my skull and my neck, I had to take another pill called Rabeprazole to counteract the heart burn caused by the Celebrex. I would …Continue Reading

Cecil July 20, 2016

Relief with issues related to aging …

With the normal aging, my husband and me, are experienced anxiety, some difficulty sleeping and certain joint pains. We began to use the Canna Oil and the Cannabis Tea. Those products are not invasive and have not side effects if we compared with pharmaceuticals proposed by doctors. We are now more active and have better …Continue Reading

JV July 21, 2016

I am very happy with the Canna oil and want to make sure I do not run out…

I am in my 80’s and was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and  high blood pressure,as well as problems with sleep. I was taking strong doses on Naproxen for the pain but was not happy with the side effects and my Dr. was trying to convince me to go on high blood pressure medication, but I …Continue Reading

Alice B, Salmon Arm BC July 22, 2016

Huge Shout Out to …

I just wanted to send a Huge Shout to for always putting that extra 150% to making sure everything went well with orders! You guys are making people smile everywhere. Glad to be a part of it, Thank you!

Nancy D July 22, 2016

Offering the highest quality and value for a fair price …

The Natural Remedy ( is offering the highest quality and value for a fair price. We want to get the word out there at how life changing these products can be!   Jason Wilcox This is The Future!!! — All their products are lab tested & is the Highest Quality Cannabis Medicine out there. My …Continue Reading

Vikki OB July 23, 2016

I really appreciate the knowledge and professionalism of The Natural Remedy…

I really appreciate the knowledge and professionalism of The Natural Remedy. I feel confident in using their products knowing the high standards they set and that each product is lab tested by a professional chemist. I also found their customer service is beyond reproach. The owners have a VERY caring attitude and will gladly answer …Continue Reading

M.G. Salmon Arm, BC July 23, 2016

LOVE the CBD Oil …

Great products. We stock them in our dispensaries and have nothing but positive feedback. I use the CBD oil myself for pain and LOVE IT!

Robert J, July 25, 2016

Product helped with stomach problems…

I have been using various products developed by Natural Remedy for more than two years. Initially I was introduced to the remedy as a possible resolution to my ongoing stomach issues. I had tried many “traditional” remedies suggested by my colleges as well as my own personal doctor with no success. A devastating affliction for …Continue Reading

Velma July 26, 2016

Outstanding Customer Service …

I am so impressed with the owner’s business acumen.  They run their business with heart, treating everyone like they are part of their family. They hold to the highest standards with their products and work with integrity and honour.

Carole F, Vernon, BC July 26, 2016

The 65% CBD {RSO} is working better …

I have been trying to deal with pain for the last 3 years!! The 65% CBD {RSO} is working better overall than any of my prescription medication, it reduces my pain level to being manageable without making me lose my clarity.

GTM, N. Vancouver July 28, 2016

Relief from extreme Psoriasis …

I am a 50 year old man who has been suffering from extreme Psoriasis for most of my life. I have been on many different Pharm meds and creams to help control, but with no real success, until NOW. After 4 months of using the canna-oil orally and topically, it has basically irradiated my psoriasis. So …Continue Reading

JCLM, North Vancouver July 29, 2016

Getting off of Tridural …

I was able to get off of Tridural 300 mg for pain after taking that nasty med for 3 years, and my pain is now managable, I have bad days, squeezed nerves/cord, bone spurs etc but I can work with it and I am in control not the Tridural. Was also on 6 Blood Pressure …Continue Reading

J.H - Vernon, BC September 20, 2016

Cancer hadn’t moved down her leg anymore!!

Hello! It’s Buffy from Red Deer! I just wanted to give u an update with how the oil is working.. So it’s been bout 7 weeks now since I started Myah and Hank on the canna oil. Myah my dog that has bone cancer has improved 100%. She is going on walks again and she …Continue Reading

Buffy, Red Deer, AB September 23, 2016

I have been able to drop off 2 of the 5 pharmaceutical meds …

I am a 68 yrs old woman with 40 years of high blood pressure for which I took 5 pills a day to control; As well as Type 1 diabetes, which I control with insulin. After about one month of taking Canna oil from The Natural Remedy, my blood pressure was dropping. I take one …Continue Reading

L.B., Nova Scotia September 28, 2016

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