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Helped me so much with my Arthritis…

Helped me so much with my Arthritis…

My name is Cecil, for many years I have suffered with Arthritis in my neck, my Dr. prescribed a medication called Celebrex, although Celebrex controlled the pain at the base of my skull and my neck, I had to take another pill called Rabeprazole to counteract the heart burn caused by the Celebrex. I would like to stress that if I was to go for three days without taking Celebrex, I would have sharp pain in the base of my skull and my neck.
A friend suggested I try Cannabis oil, I had read about some of the many good things about Cannabis oil so decided to try it. I was taking two Celebrex per day, one in the am and one at bed time, the Cannabis oil container has a little squeeze top with a glass tube, for the first week I would swallow a tube of oil in the am instead of Celebrex, I had no pain in my neck so on the next week I took the plunge and only used the Cannabis twice a day instead of the Celebrex, that was over one year ago, I have no pain or heart burn, I also noticed that allergies I was suffering from lessened considerably . I strongly recommend Cannabis oil to anyone considering an alternate to taking Celebrex. I strongly believe there are many more uses for Cannabis oils but this has been my experience.

Cecil July 20, 2016

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