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Great Service…!

Great Service…!

The Natural Remedy staff bent over backwards to make me happy with my order. They did everything they could to ensure my order got to me through the current Canada Post troubles. I spent a little over 100 dollars to get free shipping and it was totally worth it. Plus, I don’t want anything to do with the L.P’s so…just sayin’.
I really enjoyed the sample teas and I am finding new eye-opening ways to medicate. My morning nausea is under control. I find a couple of dabs and a tea, and I’m good till the afternoon. Very good flower, very good shatter, very good tea. It’s works for me.
Thanks very much for everything you guys

Dolores July 18, 2016

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  1. Reply Chris Best

    I would like to thank Jason and Vikki for turning me onto the . After purchasing some Canna-oil and some juices i found the product to wrok wo dersand would recommend the products to anyone suffering. Chris from Windsor

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