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Getting off of Tridural …

Getting off of Tridural …

I was able to get off of Tridural 300 mg for pain after taking that nasty med for 3 years, and my pain is now managable, I have bad days, squeezed nerves/cord, bone spurs etc but I can work with it and I am in control not the Tridural.
Was also on 6 Blood Pressure meds a day for uncontrolled High BP (since my mid 20’s…..more than 30 years ago)
2 x metoporol 50 mg (nasty)
2 x Ramapril 10 mg
2 x Inapamide 2.5
Now after The Natural Remedy Products:
1 Rampril a day averaging 130/89

The Natural Remedy Team are amazing, helping me to take control of my total well being.

Thank you does’nt seem enough,

J.H - Vernon, BC September 20, 2016

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