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Cancer hadn’t moved down her leg anymore!!

Cancer hadn’t moved down her leg anymore!!

Hello! It’s Buffy from Red Deer! I just wanted to give u an update with how the oil is working.. So it’s been bout 7 weeks now since I started Myah and Hank on the canna oil. Myah my dog that has bone cancer has improved 100%. She is going on walks again and she is so much happier then what she was when I started her on the canna oil and the RSO syringes.. And when we went to the vet on September 6 the cancer hadn’t moved down her leg anymore!! I’m putting bout 5-7 drops twice a day in her food as well as Hanks food!! It’s like night and day since she has been on it and she gets better every day! Hanks fat lump was bout the size of a large grapefruit and now it is bout the size of an apple!! Huge difference. I’m gonna start applying it right on the lump and see if it gets smaller yet!! I can’t thank you enough for all your help with the routine to put them on it and recommending the product and explaining it all to me!! I have to say that I am telling everyone bout it! So you might get a lot emails from my clients cause a lot of them have dogs with health problems and people are even interested in using it for them selves. I hope you don’t mind me referring everyone to The Natural Remedy!!

Buffy, Red Deer, AB September 23, 2016

Comments (2)

  1. Reply Rochelle Bos

    I find this very interesting…I also have a little Grandma dog of 13 yrs old, she just a small 15lb dog but I love her more than most ppl…over the last yr she has gotten increasingly slow and having troubles moving/getting around. When I took her to the vet they told me the adequate dosage of Robaxacet to give her and I have daily, noticing it has made a difference if she doesn’t get a dose. My concern is that if I am going to have to give her daily medication, I would rather go the natural route than pharaceuticals to give her relief. My guestion is what do I give her and is there a special formulation for dogs? I am just starting to look into this so any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Lacombe, Alberta

    1. Reply Monicka

      Hi Rochelle we have a product in our store for pets called CannaPal for your convenience here is the direct link click here
      Also here is the dosing instructions…
      Start with a couple of drops once daily for 3-4 days.
      Then add a second dose of a couple drops (you will now be dosing twice daily) AM and PM
      Continue two daily doses of a couple drops for 3-4 days.
      If you are seeing improvements and your dog is feeling normal, you can increase the dose to ¼ of a dropper twice daily.
      Please proceed slowly with dosing and always monitor your pet for normal behavior;
      Eating, Drinking, Sleep habits etc.
      If you have any questions or concerns please contact us immediately:
      All the best,
      The Natural Remedy Team 🙂

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