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Moroccan Gold Hash

$70.00 - $475.00

Pricing: 1gm/$20 (Retail)
1 Oz = $17/gm  (Retail)

This product may offer (but is not limited to) the following health benefits:

  • Pain Management for migraines, chronic pain
  • Appetite Stimulant/ anti nausea
  • Mental stimulation
  • Help with chemo side effects
  • Treatment for insomnia
  • Treatment for Depression
  • PTSD symptoms

Moroccan Gold:

Good for insomnia, appetite and mental stimulation.

Please check out details below.

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Moroccan Gold Hash:

Effects: Mental Stimulation, Insomnia Relief and Appetite Stimulant

This beautiful smooth and tasty hash from Morocco burns nicely with a smooth finish on the tongue and will leave you nicely medicated, enough to provide relief for your symptoms.

Produced using high quality strain, making it uplifting and stimulating, yet still maintaining the hashish body buzz we expect. The Moroccan Hash is firm and light in colour, and has a soft, sweet flavour and aroma.

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3.5 gms, 7.0 gms, 14.0 gms, 1 Oz – 28 gms, 2 Oz – 56 gms


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