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E Relief Sativa Vape Pen Questionnaire

We value your feedback! Please fill out the short questionnaire below and receive a special discount on your next E- Relief Sativa Vape Pen!

1 - Which of the following apply to you? I primarily use my medicinal vape pen for...
Pain ReliefAppetite StimulationNausea ReliefOther If 'Other' please give a short explanation

2 - What effect(s) do you experience after you use the Sativa Relief Vape Pen?
Pain ReliefNausea ReliefAppetite StimulationOther If 'Other' please give a short explanation

3- Please tell us in a few words... How would you describe the taste?

4-Please tell us in a few words... What do like most about the Sativa Relief Vape Pen?

5- If you use the E Pen for relief from pain or nausea,or appetite stimulation, approximately how long does it take for you to feel relief? 5 minutes or less6-10 minutes11 or more minutesnot applicable to me

6 - How often do you use your E vape pen for management and relief of your symptoms?
1-3 times per day4-6 times per day7 or more times per day

7 - What is your gender? MaleFemalePrefer not to answer

8- What is your age group? 19-3031-5050+

9 - May we use the information you provided in the questionnaire for informational purposes on The Natural Remedy website? Please note we will not publish your name or email address. ALL information will be strictly anonymous.
Yes, you can use my questionnaire informationNo, I prefer that you did not use my questionnaire information

We appreciate your feedback! As a THANK YOU for completing the questionnaire, you will receive a coupon code from The Natural Remedy, for 50% off on your next E- Relief Sativa Vape Pen. Please fill out the information below and click on 'send' to receive an email with your discount coupon code.

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