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Category Archives: Latest News

Study Shows Cannabis Could Be Used in ER to Treat Stroke and Cardiac Arrest?

“The study, from Fudan University in Shanghai, has claimed to be “the first to document the neuroprotective effects of CBD against OGD/R insult” and is centered around CBD’s effects on a condition known as cerebral ischemia, which is a deficiency of blood flow to the brain and is related to a host of health problems […]

Sarnia Doctor using Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Nursing Home Residents…

A Sarnia doctor has closed his family practice and shifted his focus entirely to medical marijuana.Dr. Blake Pearson is using oil produced from cannabis to treat patients with a wide range of disorders, including arthritis, degenerative discs, sleep disorders and the treatment of chronic pain. “I’ve been able to lower patient opiate doses in some […]

Knowledge is Power : Retirement Village Members Learn the Basics at ‘Cannabis 101’ Class

“The plant has a long history and many different applications. Everyone has an opinion, but current beliefs and knowledge are often based on assumptions, half-truths or anti-cannabis propaganda – on lies instead of facts.” (Quote from Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum) The quote above demonstrates why education about medicinal cannabis is key that is why […]

UBCO Study Shows Patients prefer Cannabis over Prescription Meds…

Chronic pain sufferers and those taking mental health meds would rather turn to cannabis instead of their prescribed opioid medication, according to new research by the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria. “This study is one of the first to track medical cannabis use under the new system of licensed producers, meaning that […]

CannaPal Coming Soon!

The Natural Remedy team is pleased to announce CBD CannaPal will be available soon! CannaPal CBD oil is specially formulated for animal use, to help keep our furry pals healthy! CannaPal has been found to be helpful in reducing inflammation in older animals and helping with arthritis, and reducing pain caused by inflammation and age. Stay […]

THC May Help Delay the Rejection of Incompatible Organs…

Scientists at the University of South Carolina have found, for what they believe is the first time, that the active ingredient in cannabis – THC – can help delay the body’s rejection of organs following a transplant. Studies have shown:  Cannabis can help slow rejection of new organs  THC slows the immune response, delaying rejection […]

The Natural Remedy is a Proud Sponsor of the EMERALD TRIANGLE Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup

The Okanagan Valley is home to the highest concentration of cannabis patients in Canada. Up and down the Valley, from Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton, the area is commonly referred to as the EMERALD TRIANGLE. This is the first event of its kind in the Okanagan! Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup @Chilcoot Conference Centre Silverstar […]

A Canadian university has uncovered the first experimental evidence that cannabis use may improve night vision…

“Anecdotal evidence within scientific literature has suggested that Jamaican and Moroccan fisherman experience heightened night vision from the use of cannabis; but until recently there had been no real research to based on those observations. That is until recently when the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, which is part of McGill University, decided to run some […]